VIDEO: Woman Brings Theme Park Grinch An Onion

Woman Brings Theme Park Grinch An Onion

Woman Brings Theme Park Grinch An Onion Video

He’s a mean one Mr. Grinch! Until you bring him a tasty as heck onion that is! Didn’t you know, the Grinch loves the juicy sour vegetable of an onion! In the Ron Howard adaptation, starring Jimmy Carrey, you can see him biting into a raw brown onion and eating it like an apple. This woman must have seen that cinematic weirdo ode, because when she to Universal Islands of Adventure to meet the Grinch in question, she brought him the one thing he wants most of all: an onion. And oh did his rotten little eyes light up. Oh did his festering little smile stretch to the limits. Check out the video above!

The entire thing is adorable. Watch as the Grinch or the actor playing the Grinch reacts so quickly to being bestowed the gift of sour. The Grinch’s demeanor normally, in character grumpy, jumps to in character please. He poses with the onion, and considers taking a bite of it, before putting the bitter orb where it belongs hanging on the gift of a Christmas Tree a worthy plant despite the fact that it can never be used in a sandwich.

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