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Blood Hound – 50 Cent Feat. Young Buck

In the opening lines of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’s outlying homage to Southern rap, “Blood Hound,” 50 Cent big ups the New Orleans collective U.T.P. Made up of Juvenile, Wacko, Skip, Corey Cee, Soulja Slim and Young Buck, 50’s shout-out proved the rapper was indeed capable of forging harmonies within the hip-hop landscape. Produced by Sean Blaze, “Blood Hound’s” infectious bounce brought a marked departure from Dr. Dre and Eminem’s production aesthetic, and proved that Fif could navigate a variety of styles with integrity.

Throughout the track, 50 uses a singsong cadence to deliver his threats, emphasizing points through exaggerated and animalistic exclamation marks. “When witnesses around they know how we get down, so when the cops come they ain’t see shit, mane,” he raps, a stark reminder of his gangsta rap roots. While Get Rich is chock-full of bangers, “Blood Hound” feels particularly resonant today, given the heated implosion currently transpiring between 50 and Buck.

The track serves as a simple reminder that Buck and 50 once operated as an immovable unit, with the former ultimately leaving his own crew to support 50’s G-Unit crusade. In honor of Throwback Thursday, take a minute to revisit a formative chapter in the G-Unit origin story

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